Beach Holidays / Malawi

At 600km from north to south, Lake Malawi dominates this small country and covers some 20% of its geographic area. Its rich sandy beaches line small secret coves bordered by rounded granite boulders, isolated islands and shorelines are fringed by baobabs and broad-leafed woodland, and beneath its waters lies a wealth of endemic cichlid fish species.

Of the 1000 fish species found in the Lake, more than 400 are found nowhere else on earth! The small, colourful cichlids are the reason for the proclamation of Lake Malawi National Park; the world’s first formally protected fresh water system and a World Heritage Site.

All this makes for an unusual inland beach destination and a perfect combination with a safari. We favour four areas around the Lake as beach, diving and nature destinations. These range from an isolated island in the north of the Lake, the central lakeshore on the Malawian bank, the southern lake shore inside Mozambique waters and the islands within Lake Malawi National Park.

All are pristine and offer great water and beach activities, cultural experiences and also a fantastic opportunity to slow down to the languid Malawian pace of life.