Aside from the obvious activities like sunbathing and swimming, for which its white sands and crystal clear waters are ideally suited, Lake Malawi also offers spectacular snorkelling and scuba diving, the diversity of underwater life surprising many first time visitors.
Counting 10 or so cichlid species on a casual snorkel around a rocky boulder island or headland while simultaneously being entertained by the haunting cry of the African Fish Eagle is a uniquely Malawian experience. Add to this tropical vegetation – sometimes featuring giant, otherworldly baobabs – fringing the beaches and there is no mistaking which country you find yourself in.
Some camps offer motorised boating activities, kayaks and other water sports activities, but the emphasis around Lake, no matter where you find yourself, is really on a relaxed pace of life. Depending on your own particular interest, this might be enjoyed interacting with local communities or remote from the humdrum of daily life.