Mozambique / CLIMATE

Mozambique straddles the Tropic of Capricorn and its 3000km of coastline lie along the warm Indian Ocean. As a result its coastal climate is warm and pleasant all year round and you could enjoy a beach holiday on the coast or one of the coastal islands in most months of the year.
That being said, the summer months – November to April are the hottest and most humid with regular tropical rain. The drier winter months – sunny with very comfortable warm temperatures (air and ocean) – between May and October are therefore the best months to travel to Mozambique for beach holidays. 
While the overall average temperature for the country is around 28°C, this varies geographically with the northern coastline – around Pemba for example –generally hotter and more humid than the central area around Vilanculos (Bazaruto) or the south of the country around the capital Maputo. At no time could it be considered cold along the coast and Mozambique is an ideal beach destination.