Beach Holidays / Seychelles

"Forever Eden": This is what the Seychellois call their collection of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean.

It is easy to see why once you have been there: bright white, fine-sand beaches nestle in isolated coves fringed by tropical vegetation and beautifully sculpted granite rock. And this is only in the inner islands – a group of 43 islands that hold the bulk of the population.

The remainder of the island group is a cluster of some 70 coral atolls that lie low in the gentle waters of the Indian Ocean providing sanctuary to endangered turtles, thousands of nesting sea birds, myriad fish species, colourful corals and a supreme sense of isolation and undisturbed wilderness.

The islands lie just south of the equator and outside of the cyclone belt. The year round warm waters, the island atmosphere, bizarre creatures like the giant land tortoises and the fact that as much as 42% of the land is formally protected really do create a sense of a tropical idyll and no holiday here can fail to result in relaxation and rejuvenation.