Game Viewing

Botswana / Game Viewing

Botswana offers some of the best game viewing on the African continent. Huge swathes of buffalo graze the lush floodplains while herds of elephant move seasonally between the dense mopane woodlands and the palm savannahs. Kudu and giraffe haunt the woodland, zebra, wildebeest and tsessebe the grasslands, and more specialised species such as lechwe and sitatunga eke out an existence in different elements of the flooded grasslands and swamps. Rare species like sable, roan and white and black rhino survive in isolated strongholds and elsewhere, arid-adapted species like gemsbok, springbok and red hartebeest hold sway.
Throughout the various habitats and ecosystem lurk the predators: From the ubiquitous and unfairly maligned spotted hyaena, to the awe-inspiring lion, the elusive leopard, endangered and endlessly entertaining wild dog, specialised cheetah and smaller species such as brown hyaena, black-backed and side-striped jackal and a myriad small cat and mongoose species.
Seeing all these animals requires more than just luck. Timing, good planning and coverage of multiple habitats will help ensure you have the best chance and this is where Nungu Safaris comes in.