Safaris / Namibia

Named for the spectacular and harsh Namib Desert, the world’s oldest, Namibia is an amazing destination. Its rich red sand dunes, lichen covered desert plains, ancient geological formations, salt pans and desolate coastlines are the images most associated with the country, but there is far more to experience.

The woodlands and plains of Etosha National Park in the north are the premier game viewing destination with an overlap of desert-adapted and more typical savannah species. The coastal towns, so often shrouded in thick fog off the cold Atlantic Ocean, showcase historic German culture while the world’s highest sand dunes at Sossusvlei defy description. Perhaps though, it is the wilderness of the north-west in the Kunene Province which yields the most characteristic Namibian experiences: the desolate Skeleton Coast, enormous seal colonies, desert elephants, the nomadic Himba people, Twyfelfontein’s myriad petroglyphs, endemic desert wildlife and the bizarre Welwitschia plant.

In such a large and sparsely populated country the level and quality of infrastructure that exists is quite surprising and Namibia is a great country to travel in. We recommend a safari of at least 7-10 nights that takes in the Sossusvlei dunes in the south, the coastal towns in the west and a combination of wildlife and desert destinations in the north and north west.