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Namibia / Game Viewing

Namibia offers a more specialised game viewing than that in the typical savannahs of Botswana or Zimbabwe. To be sure, there are the vast herds of Etosha where springbok, wildebeest, plains zebra, gemsbok and even elephant are common. Here lion and cheetah are also commonly encountered as are black rhino, rare elsewhere in Africa. This is not always the main attraction for ecotourists to the country.
Instead most visitors to Namibia glory in the amazing scenery, the traditional cultures (such as that of the semi-nomadic Himba people and the striking Herero) and the phenomenal adaptations of the country’s desert wildlife and the levels of endemism.
It is one thing seeing the huge elephant herds of northern Botswana, but quite another to encounter a small group of elephant or giraffe in the middle of one the driest deserts on earth. Similarly a sighting of a black rhino on a stark rocky plain vegetated only by highly toxic Euphorbia bushes is an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, reconnected and reconsidering life.
Beyond this are the specialised creatures such as brown hyaena, aardwolf, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, the dassie rat and the endemic black-faced impala: Not to mention the 20 or so largely endemic bird species.