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UGANDA / Game Viewing

Like Rwanda, Uganda offers some of Africa’s best primate viewing. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Parks harbour a significant portion of the world’s remaining Mountain Gorillas, while Kibale National Park holds one of Africa’s highest Chimpanzee densities. Both of these, our closest relatives in the great apes, are able to be seen in habituated family troops in strictly regulated groups guided by national parks staff. A number of other primate species are also present in these two reserves: Guereza Colobus, Grey-cheeked Mangabey, Red-tailed Monkey and Blue Monkey.
Depending on your exact itinerary, more specialised primates like Patas, De Brazza’s and L’Hoest’s Monkeys and Central African Red Colobus can also be seen, while night walks in Kibale Forest may reveal galagos and even (rarely) Potto.
Olive Baboon and Vervet Monkey are commonly seen in the savannah reserves where large mammals like Elephant (Forest and Savannah), Buffalo, Topi, Uganda Kob, Warthog, Defassa Waterbuck and Hippopotamus are also easily observed. Predators like Lion and Spotted Hyaena are also regularly seen in the savannah national parks, while the Mweya area of Queen Elizabeth offers perhaps the best chance of seeing Giant Forest Hogs in the wild.
As far as birds are concerned, Uganda, despite its relatively small land area, host an impressive total of bird species (1000+), perhaps the most charismatic of which is the Shoebill Stork, a rare resident of papyrus swamps. Albertine Rift endemics, Congolese forest birds and a plethora of other species make Uganda a top destination for the world’s birders.