Zambia / CLIMATE

Much like Malawi, northern Zambia experiences a subtropical climate with heavy rainfall during the summer months (around 30 inches in Lusaka but 50 inches in the north of the country). During this time of year the vast majority of camps are closed to visitors due to lack of access, but as the rains retreat and the soils dry out the dry winter season starts in earnest.
At this time of year no rain is expected and day time temperatures in Kafue are warm and pleasant. Towards the end of the dry season in the lower lying South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi the days can get extremely hot with daily temperatures frequently exceeding 40°C. Notwithstanding the above it is still a good idea for all travellers to be equipped with a jacket or windbreaker for the early morning and evening boat or game drives when it can get a little chilly and even cold.